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Dr. Brainlove is a diverse consortium of scientists, artists, and engineers, whose mission is to use art to engage people to learn about science. Our outreach combines scientific concepts and models with interactive art to bring education out of the classroom and into new spaces.

Our projects include the “Dr. Brainlove” vehicle, an interactive bus-sized jungle gym sculpture of a brain on wheels. Programmable lights on this brain sculpture respond to output from EEG sensors, allowing participants to visualize brain waves through an interactive, tangible experience.

Dr. Brainlove educates about science not only through interactive installations, but also through the scientists in our consortium. Our expertise is diverse, from neuroscience to nanotechnology, and projects like the “Dr. Brainlove” vehicle allow us to share our experience with audiences of all ages.

Our group and its members will be bringing interactive science outreach to a number of large venues this year, including the South by Southwest Interactive Festival, the Burning Man Art Festival, the World Science Festival, and an exhibit on neuroscience at the Exploratorium.

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